Boeing has stolen Airbus's delivery crown after Toulouse's near-decade on top in a clean sweep that also saw the US airframer become top dog in the order stakes.

Although Airbus's output rose by 10% in 2012 to a record 588 deliveries, its US rival surpassed the European airframer's tally by 13 aircraft. Boeing's total of 601 deliveries represents its second-highest airliner output ever, and is just 14 units shy of the record 620 shipments it completed in 1999.

That high-water mark in airliner output was set as Boeing integrated the production of MD-80/90 and MD-11 aircraft at the now defunct Long Beach civil plant in California shortly after the merger with McDonnell Douglas.

Overall, mainline airliner deliveries increased by 18% in 2012 to a record 1,189 aircraft, exceeding the 1,000-unit mark for a second successive year.

1999 - 2012 deliveries

Airbus has also found itself in the unusual position of trailing Boeing in the order stakes, where it was beaten by a handsome margin. Airbus secured 833 net orders, against 1,203 for its rival, which was playing catch-up after being soundly beaten 12 months ago. The US airframer last headed Airbus in net orders for two consecutive years in 2006 and 2007.

Airbus retains bragging rights in the backlog stakes, however, with its 4,682 orders representing a 52% market share. The two protagonists' total backlog has now broken through the 9,000 mark, standing at 9,055 aircraft.

Source: Flight International