In the news in 2006

1. Steve Fossett, GlobalFlyer (2pt)
2. Airbus A380, 270 (2pt)
3. Lockheed Martin Polecat stealthy unmanned high-altitude aircraft (2pt)
4. EADS Barracuda (1pt)
5. English Electric Canberra, retired 55 years after first entering service with RAF (1pt)
6. Alan Mulally, became chief executive of Ford after leaving as chief executive of Boeing Commercial Airplanes (1pt)
7. Boeing 717, last commercial airliner from the former Douglas Aircraft stable (1pt)
8. Hawker 4000, formerly the Hawker Horizon (1pt)
9. Eclipse Aviation for developing the Eclipse 500 (1pt)
10. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, was stretched to same size as the already launched -8 Freighter by Lufthansa (2pt)

Air Transport

1. Bombardier CRJ100/200/440 with total orders of 1,021 aircraft (2pt)
2. Willie Walsh, Irish, UK flag carrier British Airways; Tim Clark, British, Dubai national carrier Emirates; James Hogan, Australian, Abu Dhabi national carrier Etihad (3pt plus 3 bonus points for names)
3. a) US Airways (93) b) Emirates and Air France (17 each) (3pt)
4. A320 (1987), CRJ100 (1991), ERJ-145 (1995), 737-700 (1997) (4pt)
5. They are all offered with a choice of engine suppliers, but all made (or will make) their maiden flight with Rolls-Royce power (2pt)
6. a) Boeing (Hawker de Havilland) in Australia b) Latécoère in France (Toulouse) (4pt)
7. Tupolev Tu-154 (435 aircraft) (2pt)
8. a) Singapore Airlines b) All Nippon Airways c) Aeroflot (3pt)
9. a) 777 (5.87m) b) A350 (442m2) (4pt)
10. ATR 72 with 73 orders (2pt)


1. Australia and Canada (2pt)
2. 12 (1pt)
3. Pilatus PC-21, Australia (2pt)
4. Bell Boeing MV-22 Osprey, US Marine Corps (2pt)
5. Lightning II (1pt)
6. Chile and Poland (2pt)
7. Avro Vulcan, Black Buck (2pt)
8. 50 years (1pt)
9. EADS Casa’s C-295 and CN-235 (2pt)
10. British Aerospace Sea Harrier FA2 (1pt)

Business & General Aviation

1 Citation Mustang, Eclipse 500 (2pt)
2. Large Cabin Concept (1pt)
3. CJ4 and XLS+ (2pt)
4. The 900XP has more range and more powerful Honeywell TFE731-50 engines.  The 750 has reduced fuel and range (4pt)
5. Choice of: Jet Bird (Ireland-based), Magnum Jet, DayJet, Linear Air, Pogo, Point2Point. SATSAir (3pt)
6. Piper Aircraft with the Piper Jet, Cirrus Design with the informally titled Cirrus Jet (4pt)
7. Lineage and the E-190 (2pt)
8. de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter, Viking Air (2pt)
9. The AS355 and EC135 light twins, now called AS355NP and EC135P2i/T2i, the Bell 427 (3pt)
10. S-76D powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210 (2pt)


1. Silvercrest (1pt)
2. It was a 50-50 mixture of JP-8 jet fuel, and a synthetic fuel produced by a Tulsa-based company, Syntroleum (1pt)
3. Pratt & Whitney’s Geared Turbofan, Airbus A320 (2pt)
4. Rolls-Royce Trent 1000, General Electric GEnx, Boeing 787 (3pt)
5. HondaJet and Spectrum Freedom, 2,050lb (3pt)
6. HTF10000, HTF7000 (2pt)
7. Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610F (1pt)
8. Pratt & Whitney F135, General Electric/Rolls-Royce F136 (2 pt)
9. J-2X, Apollo (2pt)
10. Scuderi Group’s split-cycle engine uses compressed air produced during normal operation to supercharge engine for take-off, higher altitudes and longer range (2pt)


1. China – 300,000, India – 450,000, UK – 24,000 (3pt)
2. At least €2 billion from 2010 onwards (1pt)
3. Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Lufthansa chief executive (1pt)
4. John Leahy, Airbus chief operating officer customers, on the media storm surrounding the launch of the A350 (2pt)
5. Lee is a former pastor (1pt)
6. Strikingly similar rules were found to have been written already in a 1944 publication by Professor King – Swanson was forced to discontinue the booklet and apologise (1pt)
7. Business class. “We should outlaw business class traffic. We should pack them into economy class rather than have the fat and overpaid flying around on flat beds after they’ve all eaten and drunk their fine wines. We should put them in economy class rather than have them sleep across the Atlantic,” he told a London press conference (1pt)
8. Willie Walsh, British Airways chief executive. He was describing the aftermath of the August terrorist alert in the UK (1pt)
9. SR Technics (1pt)
10. The Boeing 747 LCF outsize freighter that will transport 787 subassemblies to the production plant, according to 787 vice-president and general manager Mike Bair. Dreamlifter (2pt)


1. 2002 (it achieved five) (1pt)
2. GIOVE-B (1pt)
3. Bigelow Aerospace (1pt)
4. Lockheed Martin (1pt)
5. UFOs (1pt)
6. India (1pt)
7. Space Adventures (1pt)
8. Space Exploration Technologies and Rocketplane-Kistler (1pt)
9. International Launch Services (1pt)
10. It was the first launch on 4 July (2pt)


1. Alberto Santos-Dumont. 14-bis powered box-kite (2pt)
2. Robert Gooddard successfully fired a rocket in a vacuum, proving it did not need air to push against (2pt)
3. Semi-rigid dirigible airship, Italian (2pt)
4. Supermarine Spitfire (1pt)
5. Absolute world speed record in a Gloster Meteor IV (2pt)
6. Fairey FD2 delta. First jet to take off from the ground under its own power and exceed 1,000mph. (2pt)
7. Boeing 747, launching the widebodied era (1pt)
8. Air France and British Airways launched Concorde commercial supersonic services to Rio de Janeiro and Bahrain respectively. (3pt)
9. The Rutan-built Voyager. First to fly non-stop, unrefuelled around the world (3pt)
10. Mars, on the Pathfinder spacecraft (2pt).


A. Airbus A380 (1pt)
B. Concorde (1pt)
C. Douglas DC-8/9, Boeing 717 (3pt)
D. AgustaWestland EH101, Denmark (2pt)
E. Lockheed Martin C-130, Pakistan air force (2pt)
F. Savoia Marchetti SM 95 (1pt)
G. Avro Tudor IV, BSAA (1pt)
H. Vickers Valiant (1pt)
I. Vickers Vanguard, VC10 and BAC One Eleven (3pt)
J. Boeing 737-200 (1pt)
K. Boeing B-29 (1pt)
L. de Havilland DH50 (1pt)
M. Saab J35 Draken (1pt)
N. Hawker Hurricane, Soviet air force (2pt)
O Saab JA 37 Viggen (1pt)
P. Shorts 360 (1pt)
Q. Sukhoi T-10 (Su-27 prototype) (2pt)


Scoring: (maximum 177 points)

  • over 160 - Total Aviation Person
  • 100-159 - come and work for Budgie News
  • 50-99 - apply to work with Bottom Neddy in the fuel price fixing and 'help the aged pilot' department at the Ministry of Planes
  • under 50 - take over as Top Neddy and work out the wiring problems on your Uncle's long-delayed Wide Bodied Armchair.