Cirrus is now offering Garmin's first enhanced vision system in its SR-20 and SR-22 fleets. Called Perspective EVS, the system reads data from a Max-Viz EVS 600 multi-sensor system mounted under the left wing and presents it on the multi-function display. Perspective EVS blends visible light with the infrared bands to produce images of terrain and weather.
"This complements and builds on Garmin's Synthetic Vision Technology, which shows what should be there," says Cirrus president and CEO Alan Klapmeier. "Now, Perspective EVS shows you what is really there."
cirrusEVS small

The required hooks to use EVS were already included in the Cirrus 12in (30.5cm) display screens, says Garmin director of aviation OEM sales Roger Dykmann, but the Max-Viz camera can now be added for $14,900 at Cirrus service centers. "The capability's been in there," he says, "It's just been waiting for a camera to use it."

The system will work with other vendors’ EVS cameras, he adds, and will be available in other 12-inch screens in addition to Cirrus Perspective by Garmin. Cirrus also announced at the AOPA Expo in San Jose, California, this week that Perspective will now be available on the SR-20 piston aircraft, announced. "You don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy these features," Klapmeier says.