Aerostar Aircraft has unveiled its Aerostar 702P, a derivative of the six-seat Piper Aerostar piston twin, and says it continues to seek funding to produce a Williams FJ33-powered twinjet version.

The 702P, to be offered as an upgrade to existing Aerostar owners, has an increased maximum take-off weight of 3,100kg (6,800lb), a 1,000kg useful load and a 3,100kg maximum landing weight. To handle the extra loads, Aerostar has strengthened the aircraft's landing gear and brakes and has certificated an optional 0.38bar (5.5lb/in2) pressurisation system, which raises the 702P's ceiling to FL280.

The 702P has a 1,850km (1,000nm) range, 275kt (510km/h) maximum cruise speed and 69kt stall speed. The Aerostar was originally designed as a light jet in 1965 and entered production in 1969 with Piper Aircraft as a piston twin. Aerostar acquired the rights to Smith's design in 1991.

Source: Flight International