Boeing believes there is a “billion dollar plus” market in the next five years for upgrades to the Apache attack helicopter in the Middle East, underlining why this region is the most valuable export market for Boeing Army Systems, outstripping even the Far East.


Boeing Army Systems vice-president Roger Krone hopes to see one deal concluded imminently. The UAE is understood to be close to confirming a much-awaited upgrade order which would convert its AH-64A Apaches to the -D configuration.
The UAE currently operates 30 -A models and under the proposed deal would convert all of them to the -D standard. Each aircraft would also be equipped with the Longbow fire control radar.
Krone says: “This continues to be a strong market for us. There are some good offset programmes and there is a much more sophisticated industrial community than some people understand.
“We’ve had sales success in Kuwait, Egypt has taken both the Chinook and the Apache and we are talking to Saudi Arabia about ugrading its AH-64 fleet.”
Krone says the earthquake relief effort in Pakistan and the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in the southern Unites States have shown the value of the Chinook heavy lift helicopter and that there are numerous upgrade opportunities for the aircraft in this region.

Source: Flight Daily News