ARINC (Hall 4, A15) has renewed contracts with two of Asia Pacific's regional aviation communications authorities in a move that it says will further develop the company's GLOBALink data link business with regional carriers.

Contracts were renewed with the Aviation Data Communication Corporation (ADCC) of China, and Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (AEROTHAI).

The communications partnerships operate more than120 GLOBALink Remote Ground Stations throughout China, and east and Southeast Asia.

Anticipating a growing demand for data link service in the Asian Pacific region, the partnerships were started to build the required infrastructure.

ARINC teamed with ADCC established the GLOBALink network for China, and with AEROTHAI to provide services in east and Southeast Asia, including Australia.

Data link has become an integral part of Airline Operational Control (AOC) and Air Traffic Communications (ATC), widely used by the airlines of the region, ARINC says.

Source: Flight Daily News