Central Japan International Airport, being built to serve Nagoya, has contracted Arinc to supply a check-in and boarding system ahead of its planned opening in 2005.

The US company - exhibiting at the Dubai airshow for the first time - says in a statement that Central Japan International Airport Co has selected its iMuse check-in and boarding system, which is based on an Internet protocol local network. It adds that the advanced passenger handling system will be shared by a majority of the airlines serving the new airport.

Arinc says it will install 235 networked computer workstations and peripherals serving all check-in and connection counters. It will also provide an advanced airline baggage source messages system.

Central Japan International Airport is being built on an artificial island in Ise Bay, around 35km (22 miles) south of Nagoya. It is due to open early in 2005 and has been designated to handle aircraft for international and domestic flights seating more than 60 passengers. It will initially be able to handle up to eight million passengers annually.

After its opening Nagoya's existing Komaki airport is expected to handle only domestic flights operated by aircraft with fewer than 60 seats.

Source: Flight Daily News