Comac has completed the emergency evacuation test for its ARJ21 regional jet programme.

On 21 September, 90 passengers and four crew members evacuated the aircraft that was parked at Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing's facility in 57 seconds, well within the 90-seconds requirement.

Preparation for the tests started in 2010, says Comac.

ARJ21 evacuation

ARJ21 evacuation test

Besides officials from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), also present were representatives from the US Federal Aviation Administration, which is conducting a shadow certification to assess CAAC's ability to technically assess the ARJ21.

The ARJ21 is the first regional jet programme that China is designing and developing in accordance with international airworthiness regulations. It will also be seeking airworthiness certification from both CAAC and FAA.

The jet has since undergone water ingestion tests, airspeed calibration, natural icing, engine nacelle anti-icing and crosswind validations tests.

Launch customer Chengdu Airlines was due to receive its first aircraft by the end of 2011, but ongoing delays in the certification process mean the aircraft will not be delivered until at least in 2013.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news