Police made a number of arrests at Farnborough yesterday as protesters from the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) staged a sit-in on one of the main entry roads to the site.

The protest caused no disruption to the Show.

The group, which Hampshire Police estimated to be 60-strong, arrived shortly before 10am equipped with megaphones and banners.

They blocked the road from Gate A into the showground and after warnings from officers, 43 protesters were arrested for aggravated trespass.

CAAT spokesperson Francesca D'Silva claimed that more than 100 people had travelled from places as far afield as the Shetland Isles to support the cause.

She said: "We are here to raise awareness of the fact that the arms trade is having serious consequences in many countries.

"We estimate that three-quarters of the UK arms deals are aviation related. It is a trade which supports torture and death which must be brought to the public attention."

Supt Richard Stowe of Hampshire Police confirmed that it had been a peaceful protest but said: "The protestors were given several warnings that if they remained on the road they would be risking arrest. Those who refused to move to the designated safe area were arrested."

A spokesman for the SBAC said it was self-evident that the protest had caused no disruption to the show.



Source: Flight Daily News