Project unveiled with view to securing international partners for full-scale development

Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aero) has unveiled a one-third scale low-observable multirole unmanned air vehicle demonstrator designated MAV-1, with initial test flights to start in the next two months.

The Multi-role Unmanned Air Vehicle demonstrator has a 3m (10ft) wingspan and an all-up weight of 80kg (175lb), including an unspecified commercial off-the- shelf jet engine that produces 100lb (0.45kN) of thrust. The UAV has an endurance target of 30min.

The subsonic air vehicle is to be used as a testbed for a more capable low-observable tactical UAV system, but could evolve into an unmanned combat air vehicle depending on the outcome of trials and market interest.

ST Aero says design work has been under way for two years. The programme was unveiled at Asian Aerospace with a view to securing international involvement in development of the full-scale system.

Ground testing of the demonstrator began last year, but has so far excluded radar cross-section trials.

ST Aero says the MAV-1 programme has no relationship to the still-classified Singaporean Ministry of Defence Sky Blade UAV programme. Singaporean press reports indicate that at least one Sky Blade prototype is now flying, with this tested in Australia last November.

Source: Flight International