Asiana Airlines has confirmed the manifest for Flight 214 that crashed on the San Francisco Airport runway on 6 July included 291 passengers and 16 cabin crew.

The Star Alliance carrier also said it will cooperate fully with the US National Transportation Safety Board investigation team dispatched to search for the cause of the incident that killed two and hospitalized 130.

In the frenzied hours after the crash, the San Francisco fire department initially reported more than 60 people unaccounted for, but this number was reportedly slashed to only one as better information came in.

The passengers on the flight that originated in Shanghai and stopped at Incheon International Airport near Seoul included 77 Koreans, 141, Chinese, 61 Americans and 1 Japanese. They were seated 19 in business class and 272 in economy.

The Boeing 777-200ER was on a visual flight rules approach to Runway 28L at 11:28am local when the accident occurred. Witnesses reported that the tail of the aircraft struck the runway, and the debris field stretched to the seawall separating the San Francisco Bay from the runway apron.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news