Atlas Aerospace has secured funding from Florida state and local governments to build a prototype twin turboprop utility cargo aircraft, dubbed the Liftmaster. The company says that a $600,000 community block grant from Zephyrhills Council has been matched by the State transport board for the project at Zephyrhills Municipal Airport, where the company expects to employ 60 people. The aircraft will have a 20m3 (715ft3) cargo hold, measuring 1.8m (6ft) long and a height of 2.1m (7ft). The aircraft will have a full-width 2m aft loading door and a useful load of 3,250kg (7,160lb). The Liftmaster has already attracted the attention of UPS, says Atlas, which adds that the aircraft could be renamed to avoid confusion with the now-defunct Ayres Loadmaster.

Source: Flight International