Hawker Pacific has sold a Diamond Aircraft DA42NG to flight training school Australian Wings Academy (AWA).

The twin-engined aircraft will be based in Gold Coast, Queensland, and will be used for flight training services, says Hawker Pacific, the distributor for Diamond Aircraft in Australia and New Zealand.

"The DA42NG will be a welcome addition to our current mix of some of the most modern single- and multi-engine training aircraft available at AWA. Our student base is continuing to grow, and so too is the demand for us to deliver more diverse, robust aircraft that can cater for beginners to advanced pilots," says AWA's general manager Carolyn Thorburn.

"The DA42NG complements our existing DA40 fleet, which will make it much easier for students to transition from single-engine training to the multi-engine command instrument rating course which is done in a twin-engine aircraft."

This is the second aircraft sale by Hawker Pacific from its demonstration tour, with the first being a DA40XLS aircraft sold to another flight training school in the state.

Source: Flight International