Investigation into the Pskovavia runway excursion at Moscow Domodedovo comes just three weeks after a Polar Airlines Antonov An-24 was damaged as it landed short at Yakutsk.

The aircraft (RA-46834) had touched down on runway 23R at night in fog – which reduced visibility to 400m (1,300ft) – following a regional flight from Batagay on 3 January.

Federal aviation authority Rosaviatsia states that the landing took place at 18:59 but a subsequent airport inspection, at 20:35, found damage to approach lights some 170m before the threshold.

The inspection also turned up evidence from the aircraft’s main landing-gear in the same area.

Rosaviatsia says the crew failed to report the incident, against regulations, pointing out that debris from the damaged aircraft and lighting could have posed a threat to other air traffic.

Nineteen passengers and four crew members were on board the aircraft. Rosaviatsia says the An-24’s captain had logged 14,400h including 12,800h on the twin-engined type.

Source: Cirium Dashboard