3W-International is launching a range of two-stroke, Twin Spark (TS) heavy fuel engines for the UAV industry at its booth. The company has developed a range of 10 engines for UAVs featuring a modified air intake system, fuel injection and patented muffler and pre-heating crankcase designs.

The company says the product line has been designed to increase reliability and reduce fuel consumption by 20%, compared with gasoline engines of the same class. TS engines enable the second ignition to run autonomously in the event of first ignition failure, allowing the engine to run further with reduced RPM between 100-150, depending on the type of engine. 3W engines also feature a microprocessor-controlled ignition system to start the engine.

Bad Homburg, Germany-headquartered 3W says its fuel pre-heating system automatically reduces fuel consumption when fuel passes the pre-heating unit and all models in the HFE engine range run 20°C to 35°C (68°F to 95°F) cooler than gasoline engines. The new engines can feature 3W's automatic compression release valve to stop and restart the engine in the air if an onboard starter, or alternator and starter unit, is on board.

"We are eager to highlight 3W-International's capability as a pioneering developer of heavy fuel engine technology for increased power, reliability and lifetime," says Karsten Schudt, managing director of 3W-International.

Source: Flight Daily News