An Arizona-based start-up firm hopes to win a two-year contract by the end of August to complete development of a new small unmanned air system.

Brock Technologies is exhibiting the 175lb Havoc unmanned air vehicle at booth 338, having completed phase one of a small business innovation research grant from the US Air Force Research Laboratory.

The Havoc is in competition for a phase two deal to continue development and conduct flight trials, says Keith Brock, the Havoc's designer.

Brock says the pusher-powered Havoc has a bright future as a scientific asset, serving as a platform for gathering data from aerial sensors. To that end, the Havoc offers two modular payload bays measuring 1.16ft3 and 0.71ft3, a 24h endurance and payload capacity of up to 30lb.

Its key attribute to serve as a testbed is its relatively low cost, amounting to about $75,000 for an entire system, including a UAV, control station and launch and recovery elements, Brock says.

Source: Flight Daily News