CAE has signed a strategic teaming agreement with Aeronautics to become the preferred simulation and mission training solution provider for the Israeli defense company's UAS.

The first phase of this agreement sees the two companies focusing on the development of a suite of comprehensive UAS mission training solutions for Aeronautics Dominator XP twin engine medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) UAS.

CAE's UAS mission training solutions feature a fully immersive synthetic environment, state-of-the-art sensor simulations, common database (CDB) architecture and additional modeling and simulation capabilities to support the complete mission crew training and rehearsal requirements.

"As the UAS continues to take on increasing importance and become more complex and expensive to operate, there is a growing need for training the entire mission crew with increasingly complex and realistic mission profiles.

A simulation-based synthetic environment is ideal for meeting these new and evolving requirements," said Avi Leumi, CEO of Aeronautics

The strategic teaming agreement between both companies also includes provisions for Aeronautics and CAE to performanalysis and demonstration flights of the Aeronautics Dominator XP UAS in cooperation with key customers. This is expected to be initiated in 2012 at the Alma Quebec Airport as part of the city's pilot project for the development of a UAS Centre of Excellence.

Source: Flight Daily News