Integrated Microwave Technologies (booth 2917) is partnering with Leptron to integrate its transmitters and receivers onto that company's unmanned industrial helicopters.

Leptron builds several types of small- and medium-sized unmanned helicopters. Because of the small size of the IMT transmitter, it is compatible with the smallest Leptron aircraft.

"As IMT is the class leader in wireless video, we are excited about this partnership," says Leptron president Scott Heath. "By integrating IMT's state-of-the-art equipment and technology into our product line, we are able to provide civilian and military law enforcement as well as first responders with a high-quality, extremely reliable unmanned aerial system that not only helps keep them out of harm's way but also greatly reduces the risk to human life."

Leptron builds the small RDASS4 and RDASS6 and the medium-sized Defender and Avenger models. It also builds the larger Alliance family of unmanned helicopters.

Source: Flight Daily News