Indiana State University has purchased the latest version of Corsair Engineering's IM3PUT UAS training software.

The IM3PUT software is built from the same system as that used to create simulations for Insitu's ScanEagle, but made generic and flexible, such that it can be used to simulate a wide variety of aircraft and is not barred from export under International Trafficking in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

"A lot of the time you have issues where people are not going into a specific system, and you get into proprietary data and the cost goes way up, whereas you can train all the skill sets you need as far as operating the sensor, understanding the difference between [electro-optical] and [infrared] sensors and your ability to acquire a target, airspace issues, etc," says Art Crowe, director of training solutions. "These are universal."

North Dakota State University has also purchased IM3PUT. "They needed something broader, more open that they were able to customize vignettes and scenarios they wanted to do, without being tied to an [original equipment manufacturer] device," says Crowe. "It's platform agnostic; it's more for training concepts, skills, that type of thing."

Source: Flight Daily News