Northrop Grumman (booth 3639) is pitching a smaller, lighter active electronically scanned (AESA) variant of the STARLite radar to the US Army.

The new radar is 45 lbs rather than 65 lbs. The antenna is twice as large.

And, because of it AESA antenna is uses less power, says Mike Lobb, the company's business development director for the product.

The entire system fits inside 1.1 ft³.

The radar can be fitted to a number of system from jets to drones.

But Northrop is targeting the army and US Marine Corps Shadow drone market. It's already been integrated, but Lobb says it needs to be demonstrated. It will fly later this year or early next year.

The Firescout is another potential target.

The radar can be used to make ground maps and track people and vehicles on the ground.

Source: Flight Daily News