Sarnoff (booth 3016) has announced the release of AdapTrac, an object and target tracking solution designed to run on Sarnoff's Acadia II family of embedded video processors. AdapTrac adjusts to changes in scale, orientation and motion while tracking moving or static targets from air and ground vehicles as well as static surveillance platforms.

Unlike other standalone tracking solutions, Acadia II allows designers to implement an array of image processing applications using a choice of three hardware configurations, says Sanoff. All configurations allow for image processing applications such as moving target indicator, image stabilization, multi-sensor fusion, contrast enhancement and custom application development.

"The Acadia II offers a single platform that addresses the video processing needs of today and tomorrow," says Mark Clifton, Sarnoff's acting president and CEO. "The system's ideal blend of size, weight, power, and low cost mean that customers can do much more video processing, from tracking to real-time contrast enhancement, from multi-sensor fusion to electronic stabilization, without having to purchase or redesign separate hardware for every new requirement."

AdapTrac and Acadia II are suitable for handheld and helmet vision systems, security and surveillance platforms, manned and unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, small arms, or remote weapon systems.

Source: Flight Daily News