Austrian unmanned air system (UAS) manufacturer Schiebel has completed a three-part series of flight trials with the S-100 Camcopter for the French defense procurement agency, DGA.

In the last of three phases now complete, the S-100 flew more than 20h over a four-day period from the Ile due Levant island off France's southern coast. The main payload for the S-100 was with the Thales Optronique Agile 2 electro-optical and infrared sensor, which observed simulated pirate attacks and performed standoff surveillance and tracking.

Schiebel Camcopter S-100
 © Schiebel

The third phase follows to previous trials in France and in a "desert environment," Schiebel says, which completed more than 50 missions and a total of 150h in flight.

Schiebel is responding to a request for information issued by the DGA for a possible acquisition of a vertical takeoff and landing UAV to equip France's Lafayette-class Frigates in 2011.

Source: Flight Daily News