Segway Robotics previewed its 50XL Robotic Mobility Platform on the show floor before it becomes available to the public on September 1.

"It offers the ability to carry further because it has lithium ion batteries," said Matthew Dailida, Segway vice president of government affairs and business development.

The model on the floor showcased additional integrated sensors like a camera ad wireless bridge.

Meanwhile, Segway has also showcased its partnership with Segs for Vets, putting a robot prototype on the show floor.

"We donated a bunch of Segways to Segs for Vets, who again donate them to soldiers who were injured in the war to enhance mobility," said Segway senior electrical engineer Craig Shaffer.

Segs for Vets have donated 500 vehicles to wounded veterans in five years, and has 1,000 more to give away. Segs for Vets uses Segway's commercial PT model.

Source: Flight Daily News