Advocacy for unmanned vehicles is high in the first state to issue a license to test a driverless car on the streets - Nevada. "This technology is here to stay and will only grow in size and uses," says Brig Gen William Burks, adjutant general for the State of Nevada, a keynote speaker at the AUVSI opening session yesterday. Nevada in May allowed Google to begin testing an autonomous automobile here.

"Once people see them flying, they will be accepted as the norm," says Burks of unmanned air vehicles in particular, wagering that even eventually humans will "feel comfortable flying as a passenger in an unmanned vehicle".

He admits there will be hurdles along the way, but says all the problems can be overcome, sometimes using the past as prologue.

"It doesn't always have to be new solution to an old problem," he says. "It can be an old solution to solve a new problem."

Source: Flight Daily News