Russian engine developer Aviadvigatel has reached the technical design stage to create the PD-14 powerplant for United Aircraft's MS-21 twinjet.

Aviadvigatel's Moscow representative said the firm had completed defining the PD-14 concept configuration and, taking account of enhancement proposals, has decided to move on with the project.

"We've worked out the bulk of detailed blueprints and started building components and systems for the engine prototype," said PD-14 chief designer Igor Maksimov.

"We intend to demonstrate it to [MS-21] prospective customers in 2012."

Work is also underway on testing the engine's major structural sections.

While Aviadvigatel is preparing an example of a gas generator for trials under intense air intake conditions, the Central Aeroengine Institute is fitting out special equipment to test the PD-14 high pressure turbine.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news