Aviakor has suspended its Antonov An-140 manufacturing programme as a result of supply-chain disruption.

The Russian airframer has co-operation agreements with 34 major An-140 component suppliers in Ukraine from which it receives such crucial systems as landing gear for the regional twin-turboprop.

Those supplies, however, have been "severely disorganised" by Russo-Ukrainian conflict, says Aviakor director general Anatoly Gusev.

"Substituting them with alternative domestic equipment instantly is impossible," he says, pointing out that demand for An-140s is not sufficient.

Over the past 10 years, Samara-based Aviakor has delivered seven of the type's military variants to Russia's defence ministry and four passenger aircraft to Yakutia Airlines.

But earlier this year, that carrier grounded three of its An-140s because of a lack of spare parts.

Aviakor has cut its payroll 10% and created around 500 temporary jobs for the remaining personnel after being allocated Rb23 million ($366,000) in emergency funding from federal and regional budgets.

By the end of this year, the airframer plans to complete several An-140s ordered by the defence ministry, using components and parts from inventory.

Gusev says it will also continue providing technical support for transports already in service and seek a new workload to utilise production capacity.

Source: Cirium Dashboard