Patty Wagstaff is well qualified to pass judgement on the T-6B. Internationally renowned, she is a six time member of the US aerobatic team and has won the air show industry's most prestigious award, the Sword of Excellence.

Wagstaff was attracted to the T6 for several reasons and says, "It's a meticulously designed plane - the first that's small enough for a woman, which is a big drawing card for me". Every manoeuvre in her stunning routine shows the aircraft's capability from vertical climbs and rolls to an inverted pass. A seasoned crowd pleaser, her display ends with a side-on fly past especially for photographers.

She finds the strict six minute time slots at Paris exhilarating, saying: "There is more pressure on the pilots as we're keen to show off the equipment to its best potential, so it's fun to watch and makes a really dynamic airshow."

Source: Flight Daily News