Aviation Enterprises of the UK is developing a two-seat light aircraft that is earmarked for European certification next year.

The Magnum is a carbon fibre, retractable-gear design powered by a Bombardier Rotax 914 piston, which, Aviation Enterprises chief executive Angus Fleming says, is capable of cruise speeds of up to 295km/h (160kt) and a range of more than 1,850km (1,000nm).

The Magnum, which is financed through a combination of private investment and government grants, has a cranked wing, slotted Fowler flaps and a constant speed, three-blade propeller.

The cockpit will include Aviation Enterprises' Light Aircraft Information Centre (LAIC), an onboard touch-screen computer designed to help the pilotthrough every phase of flight, says Fleming.

The LAIC, which will be offered for sale across the general aviation market next year, offers weight and balance calculations, performance and take-off data, moving map, global positioning system, and presents emergency procedures as well as pre take-off and landing checks.

The Magnum will initially be targeted at the European market.

Fleming says: "We will move into the US when we are in a position to support the product, and when we have addressed the product liability issue."

The aircraft may be offered initially in kit form, Fleming suggests, to build up demand.

The Magnum has completed 25h of flight testing and the production conforming aircraft is scheduled to fly early next year, leading to Joint Aviation Authorities certification and first deliveries in the fourth quarter.

Source: Flight International