AVIATION PARTNERS is pursuing overseas sales of its performance-enhancing winglet modification for the Gulfstream II business jet following the aircraft's international debut at the Paris air show in June. Negotiations are under way with several potential offshore modification-centres.

Interest in the modification is highest in Saudi Arabia, which has the largest number of GIIs outside the USA, says Aviation Partners. The Seattle, Washington-based Company has orders for 34 "II SP" winglet installations from US-based operators, and 21 aircraft have been modified.

The blended winglets boost the range of the GII by 7.3% while improving climb performance and low-speed handling, the company says. The benefits were demonstrated on a record-breaking one-stop flight from Los Angeles to Paris, completed in 12h 32min (almost 2h faster than the previous record), and a record-setting two-stop flight from Moscow to Los Angeles, completed in 13h 59min.

Aviation Partners says that without the winglets, the Los Angeles-Paris flight would have taken 1h longer. Operator Clay Lacy Aviation says that the winglets added 33kt (60km/h) to the cruise speed.

Source: Flight International