French helicopter and jet charter operator Aviaxess aims to grow its turnover by a third to around €4 million ($5.25 million) in 2007. The company operates a fleet of helicopters for private owners and has an agreement in place with Bombardier's charter services subsidiary Skyjet.
Aviaxess chief executive Frederic Aguettant says the company is moving increasingly towards the model of offering a "concierge" service, including booking cars and hotels for helicopter and jet charter customers. "We think we need to go in this direction to be more efficient with our customers," he says.
The company is aiming to continue the strong growth rate it has enjoyed since it was set up in 2002: "We want to keep the growth trend of 60% a year, but it is difficult - there is a lot of competition," says Aguettant. To this end, the company is planning to establish another base for operations. Plans call for a facility in Los Angeles, where Aviaxess already has an office, by the end of the year. It also intends to have a new facility in France in the same timescale, to cover its West Coast operations.
The lack of a second heliport in Paris as well as residents' worries over helicopter noise levels are concerns for the company, Aguettant admits, but he is confident approval will be given and a new heliport built to the east of the city in the next decade. The company has around 15,000 movements a year at its heliport base in the south of the city and has signed a pledge to limit its operations to 20,000 movements per year, if the new heliport gets the go-ahead.

Source: Flight International