Norwegian airports operator and air navigation service provider Avinor is studying the possibility of beginning production of aviation biofuels in Norway.

The company is in the process of seeking tenders from consultancies in Norway to look into what it would take to bring commercially viable biofuel production to the country.

The main question that Avinor is seeking to answer through this study is whether it would make more financial sense for Norway to build its own biofuel production facilities or to import aviation biofuels from other countries.

"If one is to start up one's own production, for example at [Oslo] Gardermoen, it is a pre-condition that this is commercially viable," said Avinor director of strategy Jon Sjolander.

The study will also examine which type of biofuel it would make the most sense for Norway to produce.

Norway's airlines and the Federation of Norwegian Aviation Industries will be partners in the project.

Avinor expects to select a consultant this month and present its final report at the turn of the year 2012/13.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news