AKROTECHAVIATION IS to establish a European distributorship for its aerobatic kitplanes. The Oregon-based manufacturer of the Giles G-200 and G-202 has signed an agreement to establish AkroTech Europe in Bernay, France.

AkroTech Europe will be headed by former Avions Mudry chief test-pilot Dominique Roland, and the company has the backing of Avions Robin owners Guy and Jean Paul Pellissier.

Former Mudry chief engineer Jean Marie Klinka, designer of the CAP series of aerobatic aircraft, will also be part of the AkroTech Europe management team.

The company will focus initially on sales and service of the two-seat G-202 in European countries and in South Africa. The G-202 is sold as a "fast-build" kit. The aircraft has a carbonfibre composite wing and fuselage.

Source: Flight International