One of British Airways franchise partner Comair’s Boeing 737-400s has suffered a gear-collapse accident while landing at Johannesburg.

The aircraft (ZS-OAA) had been arriving as flight BA6234 from Port Elizabeth on 26 October.

It had been transporting 94 passengers and six crew members, says the South African carrier, but none of those on board has been injured.

The aircraft sustained a “failure” with the left-hand main landing-gear shortly after touchdown, the airline states.

Comair says the 737’s crew noticed an “unusual vibration” just before the gear collapsed.

NOTAMs for Johannesburg airport for the date of the event state that runway 03R/21L was closed.

Comair says that, following preliminary investigation by the local authorities, it was cleared to remove the aircraft and unload baggage.

Investigators have yet to release further details about the event. The jet involved is a 1993 airframe, according to Flightglobal’s Fleets Analyzer database.

Source: Cirium Dashboard