Exhibitors are returning to the air show scene after years of cost cutting.

Forbes Mutch/LONDON

It has been an up-hill struggle for air shows in recent years, with recession-hit manufacturers demonstrating a reluctance to exhibit in the numbers and opulent style familiar during the 1980s. Air-show exhibitors continue to maintain tight control of their budgets, but, while the good times are unlikely to return in their former glory, the tide may have turned for the better. One month before the opening of the 41st Salon International de Paris, the organisers were claiming 1,582 exhibitors from 37 different countries, with a display of more than 200 aircraft.

More than 20 aircraft are having their Paris, if not their public, debuts at this year's show. Heading the flying display are the Bell-Boeing V-22 tilt-rotor, the Airbus "Beluga" Super Transporter, the Rockwell/DASA X-31 high-manoeuvrability fighter demonstrator, the Eurocopter EC-135 civil helicopter, and the Sukhoi Su-35 fighter. Static firsts include the Boeing 777, Northrop Grumman B-2 bomber, the Cheetah Mirage and Cessna Citation X.

There is enough to interest the 300,000 visitors who are expected to have attended the show by the time the gates close on 18 June.

The Flight International guide to the show includes a full listing of exhibitors and a preview of the expected talking points.


The French aerospace industries organisation (GIFAS), subcontracts the running of the Paris air show to the Salons Internationaux de l'Aeronautique et de l'Espace, a limited-liability company, which is based at 4 rue Galilee, 75116 Paris. It may be contacted on tel: +33 (1) 47 20 61 09; fax: +33 (1) 47 20 00 86.


Compared to previous exhibitions at Le Bourget, the 41st Paris air show has been cut back by two days. It will open on Saturday, 10 June, for a preview to press representatives. In the course of the preview day, the French President will officially inaugurate the show and exhibitors will be informed of the timetable for this and any special procedures or access restrictions caused by the ceremony.

The following day is a public day, but thereafter, the show is open to professional and trade visitors only, until the final weekend of 17-18 June, when the public will be admitted again. Opening times for trade visitors and the public are 09.30-18.00 each day. Trade tickets cost Fr120 ($27), public tickets Fr50. Both may be purchased in advance from the organisers.

Source: Flight International