Advanced Aero looks to develop first in a series of machines using patented inverted V-tail configuration

Investors are being sought for the development of a light-sport aircraft with an inverted V-tail configuration claimed to improve safety and performance.

Titusville, Florida-based Advanced Aero is seeking $1.5 million to build four pre-production aircraft for flight tests leading to approval of the two-seat LSA-IVT under new US light-sport aircraft certification standards.

Advanced Aero is building a single-seat proof-of-concept aircraft, which it plans to fly by the end of December, having completed 40 flights of a one-fifth-scale radio-controlled model, says Chris Gagliano, marketing manager.

The company is aiming for light-sport aircraft approval by the end of next year.

The LSA-IVT is the first aircraft to use a patented inverted V-tail configuration, which its designers hope to license for application in larger aircraft to be certificated under Part 23 and 25 rules. The tail encloses the pusher propeller, improving safety. The LSA-IVT will also be equipped with a Ballistic Recovery Systems airframe parachute.

Two models of the LSA-IVT will be offered for $40,000-50,000 - the Sport Cruiser powered by a 115hp (85kW) Lycoming O-235 and the Trainer with an 80-100hp Rotax 912. The company wants to set up three US distributorships, to which aircraft will be shipped in containers for assembly and delivery.

Advanced Aero plans to set up a production facility in Florida. "Down the road, we would like to do assembly in Europe of a JAR-VLA version," says Gagliano. The company is in talks with potential suppliers of the LSA-IVT's metal wing and tailbooms and composite fuselage and empennage.


Source: Flight International