BAE Systems is gearing up to prepare its AN/ALQ-212 advanced threat infrared Countermeasures (ATIRCM) system for operational test and evaluation in 2009 following the receipt of three US Army contracts totalling $27 million.

ATIRCM is the Army's next-generation directable infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) system for its rotorcraft, using a multi-band, laser-based countermeasures system to protect the platform from heat-seeking missiles.

BAE Systems plans to enhance the reliability of the system through the incorporation of a multi-band laser (MBL) to replace the current infrared jamming laser and flashlamp sub-system. It will also upgrade software with built-in test and enhanced mission capability.

BAE Systems then plans to conduct a series of flight tests to verify the performance of ATIRCM along with the AN/AAR-57 Common missile warning system (CMWS) in advance of the test and evaluation. The combined ATIRCM/CMWS suite evaluates the entire threat environment and selects the appropriate response to counter specific missile threats using an array of countermeasures.

Source: Flight Daily News