Phil Turner

BAE Systems and its partners are holding their largest ever display of the company's capabilities this year. The seven pavilions that make up the Partnership Village are, at 12,000m2, Europe's largest exhibition space.

Walking through the village provides an overview of the major programme focus of BAE and its partners. The separate pavilions, all inter-connected, contain hi-tech visual displays and information on each of the business areas.

Many of BAE's 47 joint venture or partnership companies are represented, including Matra BAe Dynamics and Alenia Marconi Systems in their own pavilions, Eurofighter in a dedicated pavilion, and Airbus UK and Saab with the Saab JAS-39A Gripen exhibit. Other pavilions are dedicated to Customer Solutions and Support, and Electronic Systems.

The global scale and diversity of the current and forthcoming programmes are highlighted throughout the village. Military aircraft programmes include the Airbus A400M, the Joint Strike Fighter, Nimrod MRA4, BAe GR7 Harrier, BAe Hawk 200, SEPECAT Jaguar and Panavia Tornado. On display next to the military aircraft pavilion is a Royal Saudi Air Force Hawk, flown directly from Saudi Arabia, with replicas of a Gripen and Eurofighter Typhoon, complete with cockpit viewing platforms.

BAE Systems is prime contactor on a number of major naval programmes including the Type 45 destroyer and Astute Class submarine, and is competing to win the UK Royal Navy future carrier CV(F) competition.


Numerous space programmes involving BAE Systems include the Astra, Eurostar, Helios, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Leostar, Orion and Skynet. The company also plays a major role in many guided weapons programmes such as Meteor and Brimstone and is currently involved in several land and radar programmes.

Its electronic systems are demonstrated via moving image displays covering a complete range of electronic warfare systems and many kinds of countermeasures. Other equipment on show includes communications and targeting systems, vehicle management, information systems and integrated logistics support services.

The display on the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft (FSTA) demonstrates a total life solution which takes over the management of an existing operation. This includes the provision of flight crew and their training, the integration with customer operations, communications and mission planning, and the provision of all maintenance, training, support functions and personnel. The vast potential of e-commerce solutions will provide efficient support.

Other displays include a range of simulation equipment that has been set up to demonstrate the Hawk Synthetic Training Facility, and a Sensor to Shooter display highlighting the technologies and systems used in modern combat, from sensors to integrated weapon systems.

BAE Systems is a leader in international collaboration and partnering, bringing experience and technology expertise together. It has created an extremely informative and visually impressive exhibition, displaying the scale and diversity of the company's expansion through partnership.

Source: Flight Daily News