Eurofighter has appointed Filippo Bagnato, presently chief operating officer of Alenia Aeronautica, as the chief executive officer of a reorganised Eurofighter.

Eurofighter has also made a number of organisational changes to strengthen the company's role as a prime contractor and in overall programme management, and to enable it to improve its ability to adhere to the planned delivery schedule during the crucial period of the type's entry into service.

Export activities previously undertaken by Eurofighter International have been integrated into the new organisation, providing greater synergies between the core programme and export efforts.

A new four-man supervisory board has been appointed, consisting of BAE's chief operating officer and the presidents of Alenia Aeronautica, EADS Aeronautics and EADS CASA. This will function as a single focus for development, production, enhancement and commercial issues for potential export orders.

Source: Flight Daily News