Bangladesh has vowed to buy a squadron of new fighters and has resumed efforts to purchase two maritime patrol aircraft.

Planning minister A K Khandker, a former chief of air staff at the Bangladesh air force, told the country's parliament that the government plans to buy a squadron of new fighters, plus an air-defence radar system.

Khandker says the nation is also in the process of buying two maritime patrol aircraft, as well as two helicopters for peacekeeping missions. The government aims to make all the purchases during the current fiscal year, he adds.

Industry sources say Bangladesh's navy issued the maritime patrol tender in 2009, and note that this follows a previous failed attempt launched in 2004.

The move to buy new fighters is part of a wider effort to modernise the capabilities of the Bangladesh air force. The service operates relatively old Chinese and Russian-sourced equipment, including 40 Chengdu F-7, Nanchang A-5 and RSK MiG-29 fighters, says Flightglobal's MiliCAS database.

 The Bangladesh air force operates relatively old Chinese and Russian including Mig-29s

Source: Flight International