Teledyne Continental, Hawker Beechcraft and Swift Enterprises have flown for the first time a Beechcraft Bonanza G36 with unleaded fuel and Swift sustainable fuel cellulose-based biofuel that is being touted as a replacement for 100LL.

"We project that Swift Fuel will extend aircraft range through increased efficiency and could cost up to 50% less per gallon than 100LL," says Jon Ziulkowski, Swift Enterprises vice-president of Renewable Fuels. "This will be a big boost to piston aircraft operators."

The collaborative work with Teledyne and Swift Enterprises began last year to develop engine technology and test unleaded and sustainable fuels for use in piston aircraft. A fuel specification is being developed for unleaded aviation gasoline and more testing is planned for the coming weeks and months.

"Teledyne has established a leadership role in the important mission to help develop an alternative to 100LL that is affordable, safe and renewable," says Rhett Ross, president of Teledyne Continental. "We will continue to leverage our engineering resources and strategic alliances until a workable alternative is available for piston aircraft."

Beechcraft Bonanza G36

Source: Flight International