Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) is to equip Hunter unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) that it is supplying to the Belgian army with an automatic take-off and landing system.

The first system is being assembled by IAI's Malat division and will be delivered to Belgium for evaluation by the end of this year.

Ephraim Zuckerman, Malat general manager, says the automatic take-off and landing system is based on a laser tracker.

A reflector on the Hunter enables the system to track the UAV without the assistance of an operator. A similar system has been developed for the Swiss army's Ranger UAVs.

A Hunter unit includes a ground station and six UAVs. With a typical day/night electro-optic payload, Hunter has a 12h endurance. It can also carry a laser designator to direct laser-guided weapons. The UAV is in US service and is being evaluated by France.

Source: Flight International