Bell-Boeing is being awarded a $4.89 billion contract modification to "definitise" a multi-year production contract for the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor, the US Department of Defense announced on 12 June.

The contract covers the manufacture and delivery of 92 MV-22s for the US Marine Corps and seven CV-22 special operations aircraft for the US Air Force. But, moreover, it definitises a previously undefinitised contract to build Lot 17 production aircraft. It also solidifies plans for the advance acquisitions of long lead items for the 18th production lot of Ospreys. According to the Pentagon release, the work will be completed in September 2019.

Boeing had said earlier that it was expecting to sign the multi-year contract for the V-22 on 13 June, which had been delayed to due budgetary squabbles within the US government. Company officials could not immediately comment on the contract award, but say they will make a statement on 13 June.

Signing the new multi-year deal could pave the way for international sales of the Osprey.

Source: Flight International