The International Aerospace Exhibition in Berlin next year, ILA2004, is shaping up to send a positive signal to aviation and the space industry, says Rainer Hertrich, president of BDLI, the organisation representing the German aerospace industry.

Speaking at Le Bourget, Hertrich - who is also chief executive of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company - says: "Even during the current crisis one basic rule applies: it is during times of difficulty that business preparations are made for the eventual upturn, and the ILA provides that ideal platform."

Despite the consequences of 11 September, the previous event, ILA2002, continued to expand, says Heinrich. ILA2004 looks set to match that success.

Next year, the enlargement of NATO and the eastward expansion of the EU will feature strongly at the exhibition - a development Heinrich believes will enhance the reputation of ILA as an East West gateway.

Source: Flight Daily News