The ILA2006 Berlin Air Show  will feature the first MRO Military conference on maintenance and enhanced combat ability.

The international aerospace exhibition will take place at Berlin-Schnefeld airport 16-21 May 2006. With its partnership with Russian aerospace fair MAKS, ILA2006 is an attractive proposition for companies seeking entry to the Russian market.

Berlin Air Show

Its proximity to the new member countries of NATO also makes it of interest to the defence systems industry.


Although the exhibition will be condensed into six days, it will reflect the increased diversification of the market. More space will be devoted to space flight, military aviation and defence systems, equipment, engines, general aviation and helicopters.

Sixty workshops and conferences will cover topics including the latest developments in commercial and business aviation, unmanned aircraft, military flight training, space flight and propulsion systems.

With this extensive programme, ILA2006 will be a forum for dialogue on issues concerning East/West security policy, military aviation and defence systems, and on means of combating terrorism.

Source: Flight Daily News