BFGOODRICH has launched its SkyWatch collision-avoidance system, which provides traffic alerts for aircraft within 11km (6nm). Priced at just under $25,000, the system uses its own transponder and directional antenna to interrogate other aircraft transponders. Traffic information is displayed on either a dedicated monochrome display, or superimposed on the display of a BFGoodrich WX-1000 Stormscope lightning sensor.

Other notable launches included an unveiling by chart-company Jeppesen of its TechStar Pro, a combination electronic personal-organiser and full-function E-6B flight computer. It can calculate great-circle distances, speed and fuel consumption, using prompts on its liquid-crystal display.

Magellan Systems revealed its SkyStar global-positioning system (GPS), a portable navigator with moving-map display, special-use airspace and terrain depictions, plus flight-computer functions including weight-and-balance calculations. Lowrance took a different tack with its AirMap GPS, adding terrain clearance and obstruction information to its moving-map function, allowing rising terrain or tall towers t be seen.

Source: Flight International