Airline prepares to issue tenders for Boeing 777s after the Bangladeshi government approves fleet modernisation

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is resurrecting its long-haul fleet renewal effort and is planning to acquire Boeing 777s.

The airline is preparing to issue tenders for three or four of the twinjets to replace its fleet of six ageing McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30s on long-haul services.

The tender notices are expected to be issued in October, after the state-owned carrier's government tentatively approved a long-delayed fleet modernisation.

State minister for civil aviation and tourism Mir Mohammad Nasiruddin says the government has accepted a proposal from an airline board subcommittee, although it is too early to say how many twinjets will be sought or how the aircraft will be procured.

Biman has been considering modernising its international fleet for some time and two years ago it issued requests for proposals covering the acquisition of four Airbus A340-300s or 777-200ERs.

The carrier later said it had deferred plans to acquire new aircraft until its proposed privatisation was settled. The government's attempts to privatise the carrier ultimately failed. As well as its DC-10-30s, the airline also flies four Airbus A310-300s on long-haul services.

Source: Flight International