A piece of black Teflon tape fell off the second test aircraft (FTV-2) for the Bombardier CSeries programme during take-off roll at the Mirabel airport on the first flight on 3 January, the company says.

The object lying on the runway immediately caught the attention of airport staff, but it has had no impact on the flight test programme, says Bombardier spokesman Marc Duchesne.

The FTV-2 crew continued the 2h maiden flight test after the object was discovered and landed without incident. The FTV-1 aircraft flew again for the 18th time the following day.

The 91cm (3ft)-long, 2.5cm-wide piece of tape was identified as being previously attached to the ground spoiler, the inboard flight control surface that deploys automatically during landings and take-offs, Duchesne says.

The tape had been applied to reduce friction between the parts, he says.

The incident was first reported on Twitter by Sylvain Faust, a Mirabel resident and CSeries watcher.

Its discovery was reported in a transmission between the Mirabel airport control tower and airport ground staff, and the recording was captured by LiveATC.net.

The ground staffer reported to the tower that a 3m-long part with a Bombardier product number was lying on the runway after FTV-2’s take-off.

Source: Cirium Dashboard