Blink looks set to become Europe's first low-cost air taxi operator having successfully completed a $30 million round of equity funding to acquire the first of 30 Cessna Citation Mustangbusiness jets on order - the largest Mustang order to date. The London, UK-based company says it will offer personalised travel "at a price which is competitive with commercial business-class fares. "Businesses in Europe will be able to arrange a Blink flight as easily as ordering a cab to take their executives to the over 800 airports in the Blink destination network. Blink's service allows passengers to travel direct to secondary cities and other locations not currently serviced by scheduled flights," says the company. Up to six Mustangs are scheduled for delivery next year and the remaining aircraft will arrive over a two-year period.

The very light jets will be operated on TAG Aviation's aircraft operator's certificate and will be based initially at London Farnborough airport. "Unless the movement ceiling is raised at Farnborough we will have to move the operation to another airport in the south east," says Blink.

Source: Flight International