Got a particularly large, long-range air-launched weapon you would like to test? Worried about firing it over land? Eglin Air Force Base in Florida would like to hear from you.

Touring the show this week is Craig Otto, a former US Air Force Lt Col and now a business development consultant operating for the 46th Test Wing, which is seeking business from overseas customers interested in using Eglin's Offshore Test and Training Area in the Gulf of Mexico.

This spring, the unit demonstrated its Large Footprint Weapon (LFW) test, training and evaluation capabilities when a Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile struck a floating target in the Gulf Range Complex.

Traditionally, the testing of large, long-range weaponry has required complex plans and expensive procedures to clear land ranges for operational test shots.

The Gulf Range Complex overcomes these problems with a series of floating target platforms 39km (21nm) off the Florida coast. The range has the capability of providing sub-metre scoring of the terminal stages of weapons tests.

Otto can be contacted via

Source: Flight Daily News