Andrew Doyle/LONDON

BMW ROLLS-ROYCE has launched a research programme to demonstrate new engine technology which the company says could offer a dramatic reduction in nitrogen oxide (Nox) emissions.

The project, which concentrates on the development of a new "staged" combustion chamber, is being undertaken in conjunction with several research establishments.

The first work package calls for the design, analysis and testing of a staged combustion chamber, followed by a second package involving research to optimise the performance of the chamber.

BMW R-R says that the resulting technology will enable it to develop a staged combustion chamber for incorporation in the BR700 family of engines.

The company expects the staged chamber to reduce Nox emissions by 40% compared with conventional single-annular combustion chambers. Until now, efforts to reduce fuel consumption have led to increases in Nox emissions, says the company.

The first components of the staged combustion chamber are now being tested, and the programme is due to run until the end of 1997. It is being 50% financed by the German Government.

Source: Flight International